Hideaway Hanger ®

Hideaway Hanger ®
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Product Description

The Hideaway Hanger® (patent pending) is the perfect transportable safe that can be used in the home or during travel. Place valuables and personal items inside, then zip the Hideaway Hanger® closed and lock it with the key lock. Hang a coat, shirt or similar garment over the Hideaway Hanger® and your items are now safely hidden and stored.

The Hideaway Hanger® works perfectly in the home to hide jewelry, old photos, money, documents or anything else you are able to fit inside of the unit. Use during travel as the Hideaway Hanger® is safe for airports and carry-on luggage, and works perfectly to hide items while staying in a hotel. Also makes the perfect gift for college students who live in shared dorm rooms or apartments.

The Hideaway Hanger® is also a favorite among stylists as the unit doubles as an accessory carrying case. Safely store and carry scarves, hair accessories and styling tools, shoes, undergarments and nearly any other item you can think of.

Many brides use the Hideaway Hanger® on their wedding day as a carrying case that will safely hold bridal jewelry, documents, shoes, undergarments and any other items needed on the wedding day. The Hideaway Hanger® then doubles as a safe that can be used while on the honeymoon!

When purchasing, choose a color that matches items in your wardrobe as this will allow you to perfectly blend the Hideaway Hanger®. Choose our bright zebra print if you want to use the Hideaway Hanger® as a carrying case that will be on display in your closet or during travel. Includes hanger and lock with key.