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Armpit to armpit = 16 inches

Armpit to waist = 26 inches


Armpit to armpit = 18 inches

Armpit to waist = 27 inches


Armpit to armpit = 20 inches

Armpit to waist = 28 inches


Armpit to armpit = 22 inches

Armpit to waist = 29 inches


Armpit to armpit = 24 inches

Armpit to waist = 30 inches


Armpit to armpit = 26 inches

Armpit to waist = 31 inches


Armpit to armpit = 28 inches

Armpit to waist = 32 inches



Back Body Length = 5.9-6.7

Chest = 9.1-9.8

Neck = 5.1-5.9

Typical Dog Breed = Chihuahua,Tea cup Poodles


Back Body Length = 7.5-8.23

Chest = 10.6-11.4

Neck = 6.7-7.5

Typical Dog Breed = Yorkie,Chihuahua


Back Body Length = 9.1-9.8

Chest = 12.2-13.0

Neck = 8.3-9.1

Typical Dog Breed = Yorkie,Chihuahua,Maltese,Pomeranian


Back Body Length = 10.6-11.4

Chest = 13.8-14.6

Neck = 9.8-10.6

Typical Dog Breed = Shih Tzu,Pekingese,Poodle,Mini Schnazer


Back Body Length = 12.2-13.0

Chest = 16.9-17.7

Neck = 11.0-11.8

Typical Dog Breed = Shih Tzu,Pekingese,Poodle,Mini Schnazer,Pug


Back Body Length = 13.8-14.6

Chest = 18.5-19.3

Neck = 12.2-13.0

Typical Dog Breed = American Cocker,Fox Terrier


Back Body Length = 15.4-16.1

Chest = 20.0-20.8

Neck = 13.4-14.2

Typical Dog Breed = English Cocker Spaniel,Beagle

Order Information:

We try our best to perfectly match your color combination requests. If your item is shown with a fabric color that is DARKER than the image color (or vice versa), please try to follow those same guidelines when ordering. If the image will not print properly with the the color combination you request, we typically just reverse your two color options (so your fabric color is now your ink color, and ink color is now your fabric color).

Shipping Information:

Since all of our items are customized to fit your needs, items typically take 1-2 weeks to ship. If you need an item faster than that, please include the date you need the item on the checkout page.

If you need a custom item that you don't see in our shop, we have a team that works only on custom orders! Email custom@custom-kingdom.com, with as much detail as possible about what you need.

Returns Policy:

Since everything we make is custom designed by you, we are unable to offer cash refunds. If you are unhappy with the design or size, we will gladly issue a store credit for the purchase price of your items. All exchanges must be received within 14 days of the package delivery date.

Wholesale Information:

We offer all items at wholesale costs when purchasing specific quantities. If you are a retailer, and are interested in carrying our items, please email Sales@Custom-Kingdom.com.